Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Minifigures Flip Potential

LEGO Harry Potter 71022 Mini-Figures Display BoxHere’s a flip idea for those with a little patience that involves collecting the mini-figures for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts individual packs.

Complete sets sell at a decent price while a few key figures fetch upwards of $10 to $20 each.

There are 22 figures in the complete set and while individual figures average just a few bucks over retail price, complete sets are going for around $115 to $125. These did reach a peak value of $230 at one point.

The downside to buying these hidden figure packs is, you will likely get duplicates. So with a little risk and possibly nabbing a few figurines for yourself, if you can complete a full set, it can more than likely pay for the few you want to keep while flipping any duplicates for a couple bucks over the retail price you paid for each pack, which are currently $3.99 per pack. You can also order the LEGO Harry Potter 71022 Mini-Figures Display Box which gives you 60 packs with a likely chance of putting together 2 complete sets.

Now I did mention some will fetch a few bucks over the retail price, one seems to be in higher demand from the others. That figure is the Percival Graves Grindelwald figure which is averaging around $20 or so in the secondary market.

So not a bad flip idea, especially if you land a few of the Percival Graves Grindelwald figure.

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  1. The Graves figure is a one per case ratio, so only 1 full set from a display box and the reason for his price. I like this new cousin site to CHU.

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