Star Wars Helmet Series

Are you a Star Wars fan? You love the many different helmets that are used for the vast amount of characters in Star Wars?

Well, LEGO has released a new line of Star Wars Helmets that look like the perfect type of set to proudly display on a shelf or perhaps your desk you work from.

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1989 Batmobile Mini (40433) – Still On Fire

So for those that ordered the new 1989 Batmobile over the the Black Friday weekend, it came with a free mini Batmobile (40433) that is 366 pieces total.

Not a bad set to nab if you were able to and plan on selling the freebies, which only reduces your overall investment in the larger set.

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Steamboat Willie Minifigures (21317)

A few days back the Steamboat Willie set went on sale. We posted the news and info about a week prior to official sale and release.

Seems the minifigures for those who don’t care much for the figures are selling well on the secondary market.

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LEGO Promotions – Marvel Super Heroes 5005256 FREE with $75 Purchases

LEGO has a promotion going on. Right now if you spend $75 or more you qualify for the Marvel Super Heroes (5005256) Minifigure 4 Pack.

This is a great way to buy some LEGO sets you want and flip the freebie that pays for the LEGO’s you want.

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LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) – Flip Potential

Seems the new LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265)
icon is selling well on the secondary market.

Right now if you buy directly from LEGO, you also get a nice Ford Mustang Keychain for free, for VIP Members only.

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