LEGO Events In October – Han Solo Mudtrooper FREE Minifigure

LEGO Events for October includes a really cool offer for you mini-figure collectors out there, particularly you Star Wars Minifigure collectors.

This is also a potential flip opportunity.

Minifigures are small but definitely pack a punch when it comes to collect ability and potential value.

So for you LEGO flippers, this is where you can go buy a Star Wars Lego Sets for $35 or more, get your Han Solo Minifigure and potentially sell it, lowering your overall cost of your purchase.

For you minifigure collectors, this is where you can buy a Star Wars set, get your limited Han Solo Mudtrooper figure, keep the mini-figures from the set you purchased and then sell the rest of the set as used.

So either approach you take, you can lower your costs, get what you want and be happy.

This event is valid only from October 1st through the 14th. 1 per customer and while supplies last. From what I’ve gathered, this is at the LEGO stores only but if this is valid on I’ll update everyone.

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