Winter Village Fire Station 10263 – VIP Member On Sale Now

Just like the Betrayal at Cloud City, the new Winter Village Fire Station 10263 is available now for VIP Members. General sales goes on sale for everyone else on October 1st.

These sets don’t really register the cool factor for some collectors but they do have their audience. I consider these types of sets the long term hold gambles.

These Christmas LEGO Winter Village sets do retain their value over time as collectors seek these out.

You can find the retired Winter Village Cottage 10229 sets with starting sales around the $200 price range and most seem to sell around the $250 range, particularly the sets that are still new and sealed in their original box.

These sets are selling upwards of $326 on Amazon. A bit pricey but you do get the backing by Amazon for such purchases.

Other retired sets also seem to sell well on the secondary market.

Like all LEGO sets, I think these are particularly unique since they aren’t as attractive to most kids who are likely attracted to the superhero and other child themed sets. These seem to attract the older LEGO collectors. I could be wrong though but I don’t see most kids in a hurry to grab these sets over the DC, Marvel, Jurassic World or other sets they’re more familiar with.

These Winter Themed sets I’d imagine are used by those setting out decorations for the holiday season, something very tempting. With all the decorations that the wife puts up each year, I’m thinking about geeking out with some LEGO bricks to help me get in the holiday spirit.

So this new Winter Village Fire Station one is no different. I don’t think these will sell at huge profits initially but over time they will go up in value. With a $99 retail price, a couple years to sell at $200 or more, doubling your money is decent money if you ask me. And unlike some of the larger sets that cost you $300 or more, $99 is a much smaller gamble within most people’s budgets.

Another popular winter themed set worth mentionin is the Winter Village Post Office 10222 which now sells between $190 to $379 on most recent sales on eBay.

So with that said, here’s the details on this new set that is now available for VIP members and available to the general public starting October 1st.

Welcome to the snowy LEGO® Creator Expert 10263 Winter Village Fire Station, where the firefighters are enjoying the calm of the holiday season. This delightful LEGO set features a 2-level, holly-adorned building with an upper-level kitchen, complete with a red telephone, table, fold-down bed and a LEGO light brick. Behind the large red fire station doors, you’ll discover firefighting equipment and a fire pole, while outside there’s an ice rink with a decorative firefighter statue, a decorated Christmas tree with transparent star and gifts, plus a bench and lamppost. This set also features a classic red fire truck with a turntable ladder, hoses, toolbox and deep-tread tires. Gather the family and bring the magic of the holiday season to your home with this festive LEGO Creator Expert set. Includes 6 minifigures, plus baby and Dalmatian figures, and a brick-built snowman.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: 3 firefighters, ice hockey player, musician with saxophone and a girl with a scarf, plus a Dalmatian figure, brick-built snowman and a baby figure with a moose sweater.
  • 2-level Winter Village Fire Station comes with an array of brick-built details, including a detailed facade with decorative columns, ornate windows, large red garage doors and holly decorations, plus an ice skating rink with firefighter statue, decorated Christmas tree with transparent star, sleigh, bench, lamppost and a LEGO® light brick.
  • Also includes a classic red fire truck with a turntable ladder, hoses, toolbox and deep-tread tires.
  • Ground level features a garage area with a fire pole and firefighting equipment.
  • Upper level interior features a cozy kitchen with red telephone, coffee maker, dining table, radio, dog bed and a fold down bed for a firefighter.
  • Raise the fire truck ladder and help the firefighters decorate the tree.
  • Build a cute snowman with a cool top hat.
  • Light up the fire station windows with the LEGO® light brick!
  • Gather the family and bring the magic of the holiday season to your home with this festive LEGO® Creator Expert set.
  • Accessory elements include ice skates, a hockey stick, gold-colored helmets, saxophone, hot dog and bun, dog bone, toolbox and tools.
  • This festive set includes over 1,160 pieces.
  • New-for-October-2018 decorated elements include a classic firefighter uniform and an adorable baby sweater.
  • New-for-October-2018 special elements include a 1×2 rounded plate, 2×2 plate with reduced knobs, 1×1 plant and 1×1 flower elements.
  • Fire Station measures over 9” (23cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep.
  • Fire truck measures over 2” (6cm) high, 1” (4cm) wide and 5” (13cm) deep.

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    1. I didn’t collect them myself but I’m getting to the point now that if I buy a set, I’m likely just going to buy 2 sets as there’s a good chance selling 1 of them later on might pay for both + potential profit.

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