LEGO Snow Speeder 75144 – Retiring Soon

The LEGO Snow Speeder 75144 was marked back at the end of August  as “Retiring Soon”.

Most sets like this type usually are on the market for 2-3 years but this one debuted in May of 2017, making this one at around a year and half.

So with this in mind, collectors who have not picked up this set probably should think about it before it’s too late. This also might be a good indication that with slumping sales now will result in smaller availability after it’s fully retired. When the availability becomes smaller, any type of demand will cause the value to increase.

The original Original Snow Speeder 10129 goes between $330 (opened but with original box and manuals) to $442 as new and sealed. Some current listings put the original at over $1000 with one listing at $2,399.99. Some manuals on their own sold for around the $80 range.

Since these sets already carry higher price tags being part of the Ultimate Collector Series, these are also the type that can gain value once they become harder to find out on the market.

The minifigures from this set sell around the $20 range. So if you like the vehicles and can sell the figures for $20 each, you can knock off an easy $40 off the total price of this set.

So there’s money to be made or bricks to build. Either route you go, I still think you come out a winner with this set that will soon be retired and hard to find.

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